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Turn towards the hidden sun

Could be there when you land,
I could be there when you land,
could be there when you land

Come on over here, come on over here, come on over here...


(okay, from now on my journal will be partly friends only, so if you wanna read about my stuff then you're free to comment ^_^)

My stamps from dA:

{ Big Damn Hero }

Strangeness and charm

Feel it on me love
Feel it on me love
Feel it on me love
(Strangeness and Charm)

I've been soooo busy lately, and the DW 50th anniversary special is getting me so pumped up that I just don't know how to be! I saw the "trailer" thingie on Sunday and fell instantly in love with it♥ Here's the video:

I just... can't. It gives me the chills. Here's a link to the fanmix I've made for the Doctor: http://8tracks.com/kayleef/jig-of-life-the-doctor-fanmix Gosh, it's gonna be exciting! ♥♥

Yeah, so. I'm writing my bachelor's thesis this autumn. It'll be about clinical psychology and mindfulness :3 It's been hard to schedule properly, since I have so much to do... :c But I think I'll manage.

Ack, I miss my boyfriend. And I just saw him this weekend. Gorramit I had fun, partying and watching Firefly : D Well, see ya.

See it on me love
See it on me love
See it on me love
(Strangeness and Charm)

{ Big Damn Hero }

Come on, skinny love

Hi all.

Last weekend I was in Helsinki, and it went well. It was cheaper to return via Tampere, so I visited my bf♥ We watched Firefly, cuddled, etc. We had a very good time, indeed. He just wanted to have a serious talk, which made me a bit insecure, and sad, even. Neither of us knows how we're gonna continue with our relationship, how deep will it go and such. We love each other, but we don't know how serious it's gonna be yet. I was glad that he wasn't thinking about dumping me or anything! :3 I was just thinking about my ex and how he told me that he didn't like me anymore during our serious conversation :c

So, we're yet to decide how we'll continue. We've had much fun, and I think we're quite compatible♥ Yet he wants to live on his own with his flatmate, our mutual friend, for a couple of years, since the rent contract lasts at least two years from now on. I'm not in a hurry or anything, 'cos I think that seeing each other now and then, not every day, is just fine. We agreed that we should date for five years before living together. Sounds reasonable: we'll get to know each other well enough and grow up as well. My studies will last at least for two and a half years, so there would be two more years not living together after I've graduated... :'D Hmm, I have to reconsider the five-year plan...!

Anyway, I hope there will be many years together with him. Love may be hard, but he makes it worthwhile♥ Bye!

{ Big Damn Hero }

Ground Control to Major Tom

Hello everybody!

I've been veeeery busy right now, since I have so much studying, my bachelor's thesis and conventions. I got my Cherry cosplay ready, have a peek here. Fanfest was amazing! I didn't get to see all the lectures I wanted, but at least I had lots of fun! I'll link some pictures soon.

I started taking pills, which is very convenient, 'cos I've been with my boyfriend for half a year now :3 ♥ And we really love each other very much♥ Gahh, I get to see him not this, but next weekend, 'cos there's a seminar and a party for psychology students coming! c: It'll be great.

I took part in an amateur stand-up competition, which starts today! My performance will be next week, but I want to see how it rolls :3 I'm also a candidate at our student union council of representatives election! I'll have a training for that this week :3

I'm in a hurry, so, bye for now!

{ Big Damn Hero }

I fanmixed myself

Hi! I did a fanmix for a challenge on 8tracks and Tumblr, which I called Fanmix Yourself. Here it is: https://8tracks.com/kayleef/fanmix-yourself
Unfortunately 8tracks didn't allow me to put the track info in the description, so I'll put it here. It's on my Tumblr, too.
Aaaaand here's the list:

  • school’s out - alice cooper {a song that for your favorite season}

  • and dream of sheep - kate bush {a song you listen to at night}

  • to lose my life - white lies {a song for someone you care about}

  • believe in myself - karen brake {makes you feel like flying}

  • falling -  julee cruise {makes you feel like falling (in a good way)}

  • sorrow - the national {a song for when you’re sad}

  • ballad of serenity - sonny rhodes {a song you love for the lyrics}

  • comptine d’un autre été - amélie soundtrack {an instrumental song you love}

  • spectrum (say my name) - florence and the machine {a song you want to hear live}

  • spaceman - hardwell {a song about something you love}

  • starlight - muse {a song that makes you want to run away}

  • ashes to ashes - david bowie {1st song that brings a vivid image to your mind}

  • intervention - arcade fire {2nd song that brings a vivid image to your mind}

  • don’t panic - coldplay {1st song to share with your followers}

  • (don’t fear) the reaper - blue öyster cult {2nd song to share with your followers}

{ Big Damn Hero }

Kosminen berberi

I'm not an X-phile (yet), but I still like this song. Basically it's about a jealous Scully fanboy : D In Finnish, unfortunately.
There's a fantasy party tonight, and I'm gonna be a wood elf c: An autumn elf, to be more precise : D♥

{ Big Damn Hero }

Don't listen to a word I say


So the first week at the uni is coming to an end - and I'm really tired. I'm just glad that most of the things have gone well, even though I was too drunk last night and almost did something stupid :c But fortunately nothing happened and it's all sorted now. And the uni's calendar finally came! ♥ It's very pretty, I love it c:

Actually I've already decided what I'll write my bachelor's thesis about: how psychological flexibility and mindfulness skills improve after a web intervention. It'll be great! :3

Oh, my Cherry cosplay is ready now, I got the hat and the wig :3 I'll be adding pics on FB someday soon. And, who knows, maybe I can dress as Cherry in Tracon's evening party? But now I'll get to sew my overall patches, there are fourteen of them... :'D

{ Big Damn Hero }

All this and Heaven, too


I've returned to Jyväskylä from summer vacation, which is nice, 'cause I get to be with my new Asian roommates now :3 I also have international tutoring to do, with German, Belgian, and Lithuanian psychology students! There's the bachelor's thesis to be done, as well. It's gonna be busy this autumn, and lots of parties to go to! : DD

I'm skyping with my bf, and he's pretty drunk because of his dad. Yep. I'm having fun listening to his babblings and laughter : D ♥

Bye for now, I have some assignments to do, too :3

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I'm a fool for you

Here, kitty kitty




These are too cute to be true, check them out:

dem tags:

{ Big Damn Hero }

The rEVOLution is coming

It's what I want: it's easy

So, I'm craving for that box. Wreck It Box. Next time I get my student allowance, I'll get it. I can't wait till autumn - I'll start with my bachelor's thesis and all. It's gonna be magical. Shiny, even.

I miss my Doctor. But I'll see him on Thursday, and we'll go to a multifandom meeting in Helsinki on Saturday :3♥ And we'll have a fandy tea party with some Monty Python and Granada Holmes♥

The new Doctor has been chosen as well. Peter Capaldi, what a man : D

As you can see. Teehee.

{ Big Damn Hero }

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